When It's Not the Right Time to Purchase a Golf Cart CCE Golf Cars
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There are certain instances when it is not advisable to purchase a golf car.

In the event that the manufacturer opts not to offer fleets for sale specifically to golf courses,

    • Out of all the options available for golf courses, there are exclusively three manufacturers who provide fleets - Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha.
    • If golf courses do not purchase them, why would you choose any other brands that have not been proven to perform on golf courses!

If the year of the electric models' batteries is unknown,

    • Replacing batteries can be quite costly, ranging from $800 to $1,000.
    • If the batteries haven't been tested, you won't know if they were properly maintained. Don't just rely on someone's word, make sure to verify it for yourself.

If the batteries in an electric golf car are over 4 years old and have not been tested,

    • Battery testing is necessary to ensure optimal performance. A battery that undergoes regular maintenance and has a capacity of 60+ minutes will function effectively.

In case the vehicle does not come with an extended warranty,

    • Why choose a vehicle that lacks the trust and support of the selling company?

If the company you are purchasing from lacks both a service department and a parts department.

    • Unless your golf car is on a trailer, it is not permitted to be driven to a dealership. So, why not consider choosing a dealer who can deliver the vehicle to your location after you make the purchase?
    • It is crucial to pay attention to the dimensions and personnel of both the service and parts department.


If the charger of an electric vehicle does not correspond to the model, batteries, and year of the car you intend to purchase,

      • Charging devices are calibrated precisely for the car's batteries provided by the manufacturer.
      • If you attempt to change the batteries without making any adjustments to the charger, it could result in damaging the batteries, which in turn could leave you with a substantial financial burden.

If the dealer lacks authorization from a manufacturer, they will be unable to handle warranty claims.

    • Frequently disregarded, a few producers offer a guarantee of 5 years or even lifetime. In the event that a dealer lacks authorization, they will be required to send you an invoice for any repairs covered under the warranty.
    • The potential expenses associated with this could run into the thousands of dollars. This has the potential to become a major financial burden, potentially costing you thousands of dollars.

If you are unaware of the proper methods to maintain a vehicle,

    • If you lack knowledge of maintaining a golf car, purchasing one could potentially be a wrong decision.
    • Golf carts require minimal maintenance; however, proper care, charging, and storage practices are crucial in order to avoid expensive repairs.
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